Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Californian Girl

Around 5 and a half years ago I started playing an online sensational game, Runescape, by Jagex. About a year and a half in I'd build up a strong character and I had a lot of reputation from other players who played on the same server (world 88) as me. Eventually these people and I started a clan; a group of people who went by the name of The Rising Shadows. This clan wasn't very popular, although we did reach around 81 members at one point. Anyway; after some 6 months of the clan running, the team and I were introduced to Ventrillo, which was where I met someone who's now very special to me.

I've always loved accents, so the moment I heard this girls voice I felt glory; like a golden sensation of wind and swirling all around me. I felt bubbly and more happy then I had ever felt before.

So, naturally, I bawwed... collapsing onto my desk and drooling and telling her how much I loved her accent; she, as you can imagine, was creeped out and shy, so I rarely heard her talk again over the next few months, but we kept in touch over instant messenger, occasionally talking about the game we played, and our daily lives. After some 2 years I realised how big a part of my life this girl had become. I felt as though I couldn't live past a day without having this girl know how much she ment to me, regardless of how unneccesary it was to repetadly tell her.

Well, it feels like around 5 and a half, but it's closer to 4 years ago now when we started talking. She's coming down to England sometime in January 2011, hopefully so, I'm really looking forward to finally seeing her outside of this box. I just pray we're just as close in this virual world as we are in this real world.

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