Thursday, 3 June 2010

Story again and again...

Borealis: Elyan Delayo, is an Indie game in development, being made by myself and some friends. The game is based around Elyan, and his last few hours alive as he wanders the desecrated ruins of his onced green and beautiful town of Aerodia.

The game is a dark twist on a once perfect world, with influences from Tail of Tails: The Path, but with a more powerful and drag-down subconscience reaving eyes-open plot, but overall just as rewarding.

Like The Path, the game currently features no combat, just mind-wrapping exploration in dark ruins that change over the duration of the game. Buildings collapse. The ground will occasionally bore open... making new areas accecible, or old areas inaccessible.

Elyan Delayo, 27, brown short cruffy hair, bright blue eyes. (not that you can ever see them, since it's a black and white / tepia game)

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