Saturday, 29 May 2010

WoA - 30th may 2010

WoA (Wastelands of Aerodia) is a dark post-apocalypse game built on XNA 3.1 in a 3D enviroment.

The concept: Your character, Elyan, 36, is a joyful man up until the point when the sky falls and destroys the world. Limping his way through the remains of his town, Aerodia he bare-witnesses the end of the world as he knows it.

Development: After a period of time, Elyan begins to lose his sanity and imagines dark shadow-like fiends attacking him. This makes the game not so boring.

Because in the story, Elyan limps virtually everywhere he goes, Elyan can now run for so long until he begins to run out of breath, although if he runs to far, or to fast, he risks getting angry, spawning fiends.

The game is based around a clock that after so long of game play, triggers events to happen, like in-game happenings. Buildings collapsing. Tree's setting on fire for no good reason.

The game contains intense puzzles, some of which aren't ment to be solved, but are possible. The game has no real purpose, and is in no way linear. You can liturally walk to the end of the game in less than half an hour.

The game contains no voice acting besides Elyan and various characters seen in flashbacks.

Elyans inventory can only hold so much stuff. Besides 2 items, there are no items needed to complete the game. The game only exists for it's atmosphere and stunning storyline.

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  1. Walking up to certain objects begins to corrode the screen and the words of the protagonist mute flicker on the screen when walking up to objects of interests. Keys. Graves. Instruments. burned photographs.